Manage all your
applicants seamlessly
in one place

Built specially for Agencies and Corporations.

Platform Integration

The ATS is integrated with some external Job Portals so that you may manage your applicants all in one place.

Applicants Management

Manage applicants sourced internally and externally (such as through Agency) seamlessly.

Process Integration

Decide what happens to an application with a single click (such as whether to schedule an interview or reject an application).

Manage all your applicants seamlessly in one place

We have got you covered from Job Listing to Hiring with the state of the art technology. Here's a little teaser on some of the technology:

Email & Number Masking Technology

Privacy is ensured for any masked communications (Email and Phone Call) through HeadHunters HQ. Whether you are contacting an applicant or sharing an application to your clients, the communication/contact details are masked both ways (if it's enabled).

Real-time Status Update

Liaising internally between Hiring Managers or externally with your preferred recruitment agency can be a tedious task to monitor and follow up. But it doesn't always have to be this way. Our ATS was designed for this purpose with status updated in real-time.

Experience the capability yourself!

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